Shepherd Hospital Fertility



We provide fully functional departments that will offer the best treatment services for our patients.

We cover a wide variety of medical services.

Family Medicine
personalized, lifelong care for the entire family through a team of experienced consultants, medical officers, and nurses. We are committed to providing quality health care in a compassionate..

Our pediatrician provides general medical care, monitors growth and development, administers immunizations. Our pediatrician also diagnoses and treats….

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
With world renowned experts, Shepherd Hospital offers a reliable health care outcome from both inpatient and outpatient gynecological needs. We also perform…

Our team of highly trained radiographers and radiologists are committed to offering quality medical care by focusing on combining the latest in radiological technology with specialized expertise to diagnose and treat patients..

General Surgery
Our team of highly trained surgeons and medical professionals run an evidence-based practice using innovative technology; they also go above and beyond to exceed expectations and benchmarks. Every member of our team contributes…

Laboratory and Diagnostics
The laboratory department which is also called Pathology Department handles all kind of Lab test investigations like bacteria and their toxins investigation. We carry out state of the art diagnostics test for accurate medical evaluations…

Internal medicine
The health problems of the majority of patients applying to health institutions fall within the scope of Internal Medicine and solutions are offered..

Fertility Unit
We offer treatments and interventions to help conception happen. We provide range of treatments, which includes IVF, IUI and iCSI etc..

Our Pharmacy department is stocked with quality and original healthcare drugs. With our Pharmacy department, you don’t need to go far for your quality drugs..

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the department that specializes in taking care of babies who are born prematurely or who are sick and may need to be admitted to our neonatal intensive care unit. The unit has all it the necessary nursery and equipment to care of your newborn..

Our cardiologist is always available on appointment. We offer professional cardiology services even on emergency. For people requiring additional follow up, our Cardiac Clinic provides rapid access to professionals specialized in diagnosing and treating heart disease.

Ultrasound Imaging
We run comprehensive ultrasound imaging at Delight Hospital and Fertility Centre. We have professional personnel and latest ultrasound scan machine for the right test and accurate result.