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8 Possible Reasons for a Missed Period After Stopping Birth Control

After stopping birth control, it’s normal to miss your period as your cycle regulates itself again. But sometimes another issue is to blame. Here are a few reasons why you may not be getting your period as expected.

How Birth Control Affects Your Menstrual Cycle

In a healthy person, the menstrual cycle regulates pretty quickly—often within three to six cycles of stopping birth control; however, bear in mind that hormonal side effects may take longer to clear out of the system.

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Are your testicles frying?

As you read this right now, activity is ongoing in your testicles. It could very well be dying as you sit there right now. Of course, I am referring to men, women don’t have testicles. Just so you know. Anyway, the focus of this topic is to give you a hint as to how to help out your testicles as much as possible to ensure they are able to continue to function long enough for you to have the offspring I assume you desire. Because, they won’t last forever, in case you were wondering.

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